COOLSTUFF Biochar is a soil amendment that has been inoculated with microbial life and is ready for use in gardens, potting mixes, tree planting, and any other growing application. It is produced regionally in NZ from locally available woody waste material, such as arborist scraps and offcuts, bark pieces, and orchard prunings. The pyrolysis process is carefully controlled to produce a high-quality biochar with at least 80% fixed carbon by weight. After crushing for uniformity, the biochar is soaked with one or more solutions including manure effluent, fish hydrolysate, and soluble mycorhizzal fungi.

COOLSTUFF Biochar holds water at three times its own weight, and has an internal surface area of 300 m2 per gram. Besides carbon, it contains mineral elements taken up by plants and trees as they were growing, including calcium, nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, iron, and magnesium. Particle size range is from fines to approximately 5mm for easy incorporation into soil and potting mix. It is stored and packaged with a high moisture level to inhibit dusting and maintain the microbial population.

To use, incorporate into topsoil prior to planting, or topdress and then cover with a layer of mulch for established plants. Add to compost to make a top-quality container mix that won't dry out as quickly.

Climate bonus: Ten litres of COOLSTUFF Biochar stores 5.7 kg CO2e for hundreds to thousands of years.