Good for the climate

Growing plants and trees take carbon from the atmosphere. Coolstuff producers take woody material from plants and turn it into biochar.

Biochar is a beneficial product and a stable form of carbon that can be safely stored in soil for hundreds to thousands of years.


Storing carbon and improving soil

Good for the soil

Healthy soils need carbon to support nutrient cycles and microbial life.

Coolstuff biochar products improve the soil and help you grow better and healthier plants. 

Finding a niche

Biochar provides a habitat for soil microorganisms, a sort of terrestrial analogue for a coral reef in the way that the myriad of pores and channels offer refuge and escape from predators. Just like the material acts as a niche where the biology of the soil can replenish itself, Coolstuff Community is here to localise biochar production and increase scale by going horizontal.

Aotearoa has spare biomass everywhere we look, and much of it is regarded as a problem. Our model involves encouraging people to utilise this resource by turning it into a product that helps grow food and regenerate landscapes. Keeping the supply chains short is part of the vision, because biochar is a bulky product that can be made practically anywhere and freight costs make the price less attractive for those who want to use it.

If you're keen on being part of this adventure, get in touch and see how it could work for you.

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We are committed to positive change

Small actions matter. The Coolstuff Community exists to connect small-scale producers with retail markets and increase the production and application of biochar in a sustainable manner.

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