Good for the climate

Growing plants and trees take carbon from the atmosphere. Coolstuff producers take woody material from plants and turn it into biochar.

Biochar is a beneficial product and a stable form of carbon that can be safely stored in soil for hundreds to thousands of years.


Storing carbon and improving soil

Good for the soil

Healthy soils need carbon to support nutrient cycles and microbial life.

Coolstuff biochar products improve the soil and help you grow better and healthier plants. 

Spring is here

As the days lengthen and soil warms, now is an excellent time to add biochar to your garden and plantings in time to supercharge the microbial populations and enhance the nutrient exchanges with your plants and trees.

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We are committed to positive change

Small actions matter. The Coolstuff Community exists to connect small-scale producers with retail markets and increase the production and application of biochar in a sustainable manner.

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